Need to control Pest Birds on your Farm?  

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Bird Gard uses a bird’s primal fears and natural survival instincts to drive them away from crops and bales.

Bird Gard systems are tough, durable and weatherproof and are used in all extremes of weather conditions worldwide to repel crows, pigeons and starlings from crops.

Fruit Farms
Birds not only devour valuable fruit but also damage the appearance of fruit and allow mould, yeast, bacteria and insects to cause secondary spoilage.

Grain stores
Bird droppings contaminate grain leading to deterioration and potential disease spread. Bird droppings are not just unsightly but are also acidic and can cause serious damage to buildings.

Bales and Silage Clamps
Crows, rooks and ravens as well as jackdaws can cause significant damage to bale wrapping and silage clamps.

With a Bird Gard System you can put an end to these kinds of problems!


Choosing The Right Bird Gard

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