Q. How to get rid of Starlings, Crows and other birds from sheds, farms, crops, roofs and attics and feeding troughs?

A. The Bird Gard™ is the most effective and advanced bird scarer in world. Digital recordings of bird distress calls and alarm warnings are broadcast through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers to trigger a primal fear and flee response. Pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened.

Q. Will the birds become accustomed to the sounds over time?

A. No. Bird Gard™ systems incorporate 4 random modes to prevent habituation. It even changes the order and the frequency of the distress, danger and predator calls randomly and automatically.

Q. Will the sounds affect my livestock and domestic animals?

A. The sounds used in Bird Gard™ systems occur naturally in nature. No animals are harmed by the Bird Gard sounds and livestock will quickly become used to it.

Q. How is the Bird Gard™ system powered?

A. Bird Gard systems can be power from any 3 pin power socket OR by any automotive battery. The Bird Gard system can last up to 2 months on just one charge of the battery.

Q. Can I set the Bird Gard™ so that it comes on automatically in the morning and turns off automatically in the evening?

A. Yes. The Bird Gard™ comes with a photocell that will activate the Bird Gard automatically when it is bright on deactivate it when it is dark.

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