Bird Gard™ UK and Northern Ireland - The World Leader In Electronic Bird Control

Targeted Bio Acoustics:

Bird Gard bird scarers repel nuisance birds by combining their distress calls, danger calls and harassment sounds with the sounds of predator birds specific to their species. This creates a hostile environment and causes the birds to relocate to a safer location.

Unique Anti-Habituation Technology:
Bird Gard incorporates a unique patented state-of-the-art technology to prevent birds becoming habituated. Not just one but FOUR random modes are built in to prevent habituation:

  • Bird Gard changes the frequency of the distress, danger, harassment and predator calls randomly and automatically to sound like many different birds and predators.
  • Bird Gard prevents any pattern emerging by randomly and automatically changing the order in which the distress, danger, harassment and predator calls are played.
  • Bird Gard alters the time lapse between activations randomly and automatically so that it never repeats a cycle.
  • Bird Gard activates speakers in a completely random fashion to broadcast the distress calls sporadically to add to the air of confusion for the targeted birds..

Scientifically Proven:

Over 25 years of research and development in bird repellent technology have made Bird Gard the world leader in electronic bird control. University trials and extensive field testing have proven Bird Gard to be a highly effective method of safely and humanely repelling pest birds. Bird Gard comes with a Unique Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.

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