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Do you need to Remove Swallows from your property?
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These pest birds are widespread, found feeding in fields, parks, meadows and even coastal waters. Swallows appear cone shaped with a forked tail and are steely blue on their backs, tails and wings with orange-brown underparts. Swallows nest on natural and human-made structures, ranging from cliffs, barns, bridges, and other buildings.
Electronic Bird Control
Bird Gard units are designed to effectively and permanently remove swallows from your property. A built in microprocessor in our electronic bird control units continually randomizes the order the sounds play and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the Bird Gard protected area. This random technology prevents swallows from becoming habituated and keeps birds out of your sheds, crop, or orchard all the way through the year.


Choosing The Right Bird Gard

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